Humana Medicare Advantage 2017

Humana offers many different coverage plans for those wanting insurance for medical care. The Humana Medicare Advantage for 2017 are part of the company’s new healthcare coverage initiatives moving forward after the merger with Aetna. These plans are now backed by the stability of the combined insurance companies as well as their wealth of customer service benefits.

humana-hIf you already have a Medicare plan or even a Medicare supplement plan, then you probably won’t be able to keep that older plan and a new Advantage Plan. The Advantage plans, from Humana and elsewhere, are all designed to take what Medicare gives you in a basic plan and just add to that. So it is like a basic plan plus more coverage. But you don’t need the basic plan to enjoy that new coverage.


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You just need an Advantage plan, and you’ll give up the original Medicare plan if you have one. You have to be eligible for Medicare in the first place, of course, so you can’t get one of these Advantage plans until you are at least 65. Once you sign up for one, you can unsubscribe at any time. There are certain times where you will have to pay more than others to give up the plan, so if you don’t like it and you decide to drop it, it could end up costing you quite a bit.

Keep all that in mind as you decide which of the Advantage plans is right for you. Maybe the Humana Medicare Advantage for 2017 are a good fit for you. You might like the price or the service you get with the plan. Comparing Humana’s coverage to everyone else’s is always a good idea.


The only difference in coverage comes through the network. Humana has their own network or partnership of medical facilities. These are hospitals and clinics and other healthcare facilities that are partnered with Humana. If you signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan with Humana, and it is on an HMO network (which is the most common), then you get no coverage from any hospitals and such that you go to that are not part of Humana’s network.

Now as a large conglomerate company made up of both Aetna and Humana, the network is bound to be pretty big, but it cannot include every hospital and every clinic. So you definitely want to find out about which healthcare facilities near you are part of the company’s network before you sign up for one of their plans. Otherwise, you can end up losing money when you need healthcare. You would be paying for coverage you can’t really use.

That’s something to keep in mind as you look at Medicare Advantage plans. It’s wise to give the Humana Medicare Advantage for 2017 a look, just to see what your options are, but don’t limit yourself to just them. Look at your other options as well. You might find something that works better for you, offering a lower price or better service. You want to make the best possible decision with your medical coverage plan, which is why we suggest looking now for 2017 plans.


Humana Medicare Advantage 2017